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One-page evaluative summaries for each loan to Poland can be found in Volume II of the grey cover version of this report. Throughout the review process, the evaluation team exchanged views with Bank and IFC staff who were involved in the design and/or implementation of assistance to the country. " Moreover, the evaluation group conducted two surveys in Poland under the supervision of Polish experts to secure the informal views of Polish stakeholders at large, and the official views of all the ministries associated with Bank operations and of the National Bank of Poland.

In the health sector the Bank undertook an ambitious program to help to arrest the 20-year decline in the health status of the population and to ameliorate the adverse effects of the economic crisis. The Bank's health sector specialists felt under pressure to expedite preparation of a project, whereas the Polish counterparts were not ready to define priorities. There was insufficient time for project design, and insufficient exploration of alternatives. As a result, an ambitious $130 million project was put together without full participationand ownershipof stakeholders, giving little attention to women's health issues and missing opportunities for donor coordination, especially in grant-based technical assistance.

Management changes in the regional office further compounded portfolio problems The country strategy paper completed in November 1992 recognized some of the emerging implementation problems, which it attributed mostly to causes outside the Bank, such as political instability, lack of familiarity with the Bank's requirements and practices, lack of institutional ability, and competition from other donors. The CSP also defined five objectives of the Bank's lending strategy that were clearly relevant to Poland's situation: securing a stable macroeconomic framework and thus strengthen Poland's creditworthiness; supporting enterprise reform and restructuring, privatization, and the growth of the private sector; upgrading infrastructure (including financial sector infrastructure) in ways that would support a market economy; enhancing environmental amelioration in all sectors of economic activity; and supporting a stronger social safety net to help the country reduce the social impact of its systemic transformation.

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