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By Ernest W. Flick

This publication and its significant other volumes comprise plastics ingredients formulations according to info bought from a variety of commercial businesses and different businesses. each one formula is pointed out through an outline of its finish use.

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E. 97 TGA: temp at 10% Wt. 22 TGA: Temp. @ 10% Wt. 32 TGA: Temp. @ 10% Wt. 26 TGA: Temp. @ 10% Wt. 17 TGA: Temp. @ 10% Wt. 18 TGA: Temp. @ 10% Wt. 05 TGA: Temp. @ 10% Wt. 05 TGA: Temp. at 10% Wt. 07 TGA: Temp. at 10% Wt. 01 TGA: Temp. at 10% Wt. : MIXXIM CD-12 Metal Deactivator: Mixxim CD-12 is an outstanding metal deactivator used in stabilization of polyolefins. Advantages: * Mixxim CD-12 enhances thermal and color stability while protecting or significantly increasing electrical insulating properties at the recommended levels of use.

Can also be used as a booster for liquid stabilizers. : STABAXOL Antihydrolysis Agents: Product Selection and Market Overview Guide: Product Name Stabaxol I Stabaxol P Stabaxol P-100 Stabaxol 0115 Stabaxol KE-7646 Masterbatch Stabaxol KE-8059 Stabaxol KE-8993 Stabaxol KE-9193 Application/Market PET, EVA, Elastomers PET, PBT, EVA, Nylon, TPU, and Coatings PET and Polyamides for Monofilaments MDI and NDI Based Elastomers Thermalplastic Polyesters PET Thermalplastic Polyesters PET Processing Aid for Polyamides Monofilaments Processing Aid for Injection Molding Stabaxol is the tradename for Carbodiimides from Rhein Chemie Current Carbodiimide Application Areas: 1.

Recommended as: A costabilizer for polyolefin mulch or greenhouse film. 22 Compatible with polypropylene, HDPE, thermoplastic elastomers. Very soluble in aromatic or chlorinated solvents. Moderate solubility in ketones. Low solubility in aliphatic solvents. Insoluble in water. Stabilizer for: Polyolefins, PP stretched tape (raffia) in woven packaging applications. Cotton bale wrap. HDPE pipe and pipe wrap. Outdoor carpeting and synthetic turf. Use as: An antioxidant/antiozonant for SBR, NBR, CR, CO, IIR.

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