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But the questions remain: Why was the term Exagoge used by Ezekiel rather than the Septuagint’s Εξοδος (Exodus), and even more germane, why did Philo use it, rather than the Septuagintal name, even in the two instances where the reference made was certainly unrelated to Ezekiel’s tragedy? Perhaps the solution is to be found with the help of section 1452b (beg. of ch. 12) of Aristotle’s Poetics, from which it is clear that Εξοδος (Exodos) was a technical term associated with the stage. ” Since both Philo and his contemporary readers were theater-goers, the word Exodos probably had for them the highly inappropriate association of exiting from the stage, rather than exiting from Egypt.

II, 511. 12 Though its contents are of course referred to often, the specific name of the book of Numbers is not mentioned even once. e. the Hebrew equivalent: Yetsiat Mitsrayim), is found in the early rabbinic sources. 30 chapter two IV Migr. 14 Respecting IV Migr. 14: (14) Right well, then, did the holy guide ( εροφ ντης = Moses) entitle one entire holy book of the Torah (νομο εσ ας), Exagoge, ‘Leading Out’ ( λην ερ ν β βλον Εξαγωγ ν), this name being found appropriate to the oracles contained in it, for … he contemplates the task of taking out all the population of the soul right away from Egypt, the body … Like in Abr.

23 IV Her. 251 (= Ex. 24 The reference to Exodus reads:25 (251) … and in Exagoge respecting the convocation: ‘And the mountain,’ he said, ‘Sinai, was all covered with smoke, because God had descended upon it in fire, and the smoke rose like the vapour of a furnace, and the whole people were in a great ecstasy’ (Ex. 26 (251) κα ν Εξαγωγ κατ τ ν κκλησ αν: “τ γ ρ ρος,” φησ “τ Σιν καπν ζετο λον δι τ καταβεβηκ ναι τ ν ε ν π α τ ν πυρ , κα ν βαινεν καπν ς σει τμ ς καμ νου. g. in Herod. v. 2. A most striking example of this is his metaphorical exegesis of Ex.

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