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By Aristotle.; Philoponus, John; Wildberg, Christian

Philoponus'' treatise opposed to Aristotle at the Eternity of the realm, an assault on Aristotle''s astronomy and theology is anxious more often than not with the eternity and divinity of the 5th aspect, or ''quintessence'', of which Aristotle took the celebrities to be composed. Pagans and Christians have been divided on even if the realm had a starting, and on even if a trust that the heavens have been divine was once a mark of religion. Read more...


Philoponus' treatise opposed to Aristotle at the Eternity of the area, an assault on Aristotle's astronomy and theology is worried in general with the eternity and divinity of the 5th aspect, or Read more...

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The work translated by Pines starts off by referring back to the contra Proclum and the contra Aristotelem. 30. The date of the de Opificio Mundi is still disputed. E. Evrard supports 557-60, in 'Les convictions religieuses de Jean Philopon et la date de son commentaire aux Meteorologiques', Bulletin de I'academie royal de Belgique, classe des lettres, 5 (1953), 299-357. But W. Wolska reaffirms Reichardt's date of 546-9 in La Topographie Chretienne de Cosmas Indicopleustes (Paris 1962), 163-5. 31.

And yet, he does not hesitate to write about Aristotle - whom one would not go wrong in calling the model, or 25 better, the father of intelligence itself- both that he has been clever enough to obscure the truth by the mist of his fallacies, and that the shrewd Aristotle has obscured the truth by the complexity of the composition; and in many instances he ostentatiously presents himself as being wiser than and his commentators. Furthermore I thought that it would be good too to help in this way those who have, as a result of this man's recklessness, been led into 30 a disparagement of Aristotle's by showing them that his vainglorious ignorance is entirely despicable.

Farm. P. Eth. Proleg. Quaest. Temp. Tim. de Aeternitate Mundi Alcibiades in Epicteti Enchiridion de Fato Isagoge de Anima Mantissa de Mixtione Parmenides Problemata Ethica Prolegomena Quaestiones de Tempore Timaeus 35 This page intentionally left blank Philoponus contra Aristotelem Translation This page intentionally left blank PROLOGUE In the Prologue, Simplicius explains why he decided to refute the arguments of the contra Aristotelem. Since Philoponus' work is so long, it has remained unexamined, and only because of its length has the author received a high reputation.

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