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American Popular Culture: A Guide to the Reference Literature

Geared up by way of kinds of details resources, the publication selectively covers courses to the literature of pop culture, together with basic and topic encyclopedias; topic dictionaries; handbooks and manuals; biographical compilations; directories, indexes, and abstracts; bibliographies, discographies, and videographies; and supplemental assets (e.

Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy Edition 2

This revised model of the unique 1978 version has been multiplied with forty four new essays, all written via revered post-Cold warfare students who deliver the most recent views to their themes. Of the unique essays, 33 were revised through new students and forty three were revised through the unique individuals.

Encyclopedia of physical science

Encyclopedia of actual technological know-how discusses techniques that unify the actual sciences with lifestyles, Earth, and house technology. analyzing themes reminiscent of ordinary dangers, international demanding situations, and the heritage and nature of technology, this new two-volume set enhances the cloth ordinarily taught in highschool and school physics and chemistry classes.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Handguns

Переведенная на английский и расширенная энциклопедия револьверов и пистолетов. Revised and improved from «Revolver i Pistolet» A. B. Zhuk 1983, 1990

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Knife Trading Along Emigrant Trails Essential to the settling and expansion of the West, the knife is rich in American history and lore By Jordan Clary he story of knives used during the westward expansion of the United States can tell us many things about the men and women who followed the emigrant trails west, settled there, the type of work they did, even the kind of people they were. Like the diversity of the country itself, early knives were a blend of techniques and materials taken from the indigenous tribes of the Americas as well as from immigrants to the country.

33) for this Credit Card folder by Jurgen Steinau. on the horizon back then.  I was devastated. ” “We are now 20 years into the second phase of the AKI, and each show has done a bit better financially than the one before it. Our format is being copied by other shows. I will keep promoting it as long as my health holds up and the makers want me at the helm. ’” Every collector who pays the steep admission fee to try their luck at “winning” a sought-after art knife from a renowned maker receives a book of personalized tickets for bidding or buying.

When shipments from England didn’t arrive, local blacksmiths started making knives, which turned into a cottage industry throughout the country. A lot of what they used early on were trade knives. ” The migration west began almost as soon as Europeans first stepped foot onto T Plymouth Rock, but it wasn’t until the 1800s that people began trickling into the Oklahoma Territory. With the California Gold Rush, that trickle grew, and waves of mostly men, but also some women, began flowing across the Mississippi River and on to the Pacific Coast.

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