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Columella (Lucius Iunius Moderatus) of Gades (Cadiz) lived within the reigns of the 1st emperors to approximately 70 CE. He moved early in lifestyles to Italy the place he owned farms and lived close to Rome. it truly is possible that he did army carrier in Syria and Cilicia and that he died at Tarentum. Columella's On Agriculture (De Re Rustica) is the main complete, systematic and precise of Roman agricultural works. publication I covers selection of farming website; water provide; structures; employees. II: Ploughing; fertilising; care of vegetation. III, IV, V: Cultivation, grafting and pruning of fruit timber, vines, and olives. VI: Acquisition, breeding, and rearing of oxen, horses, and mules; veterinary medication. VII: Sheep, goats, pigs, and canines. VIII: chook; fish ponds. IX: Bee-keeping. X (in hexameter poetry): Gardening. XI: tasks of the overseer of a farm; calendar for farm paintings; extra on gardening. XII: tasks of the overseer's spouse; manufacture of wines; pickling; keeping. there's additionally a separate treatise, bushes (De Arboribus), on vines and olives and diverse bushes, might be a part of an differently misplaced paintings written earlier than On Agriculture. The Loeb Classical Library variation of Columella is in 3 volumes.

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