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3, a. l; De veritate, q. 1O, aa. l and 7; Depotentia, q. 9, a. ; Summa contra Gentiles, 4, c. f Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan 1 Verbum: Definition and Understanding' It is almost a decade since M. -L. '1 As the reader may recall, the article dealt with the speculative aspect of the second divine procession, passed in review the efforts of a very large number of theologians to attain a coherent statement, and found them all wanting. Briefly and bluntly, for Penido theologians on this issue fall into two classes: those who did not pretend to grasp the matter and those who did but failed to be convincing.

He shows that the passions of the soul are naturally like things, in that they are the same among all... Better, the intention of Aristotle is not to assert that conceptions of the soul have their identity in correspondence with an outer word, so that there would be one concept corresponding to each word, since outer words are different among different peoples: but he intends to assert that conceptions of the soul have their identity in correspondence to things'] See Aristotle, On Interpretation, i, i6a 5-8.

Courage? justice? What is science? On Plato's showing, Socrates had the formula for the sixty-four-dollar question,'1 but it was Aristotle who made capital of it. For Aristotle, it would seem, realized that the real catch was in the form of the question. ' Accordingly, one finds the second book of the Posterior Analytics opening with an attempt to fix the meaning of this type of question. Any question, we are told - and so any answer and any item of knowledge - can be listed under one of four headings.

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