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By Tony Banham

Greater than 10% of Hong Kong's defenders have been killed in conflict; an extra 20% died in captivity. those that survived seldom noted their studies. Many died younger. The little fundamental fabric surviving--written in POW camps or years after the events--is contradictory and muddled. but with simply 14,000 protecting the colony, it used to be attainable to write down from the individual's standpoint instead of that of the large Battalions so favoured via God (according to Napoleon) and such a lot historians.

The publication assembles a phase-by-phase, daily, hour-by-hour, and death-by-death account of the conflict. It considers the person activities that made up the combating, in addition to the innovations and plans and the various controversies that arose.

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RE Died Combined Military Hospital Kowloon. Possibly buried (126). 38 U ROYAL NAVY — 1 Killed Wong Yuk Wah Killed by bombing (133). ]39 9 DECEMBER TUESDAY We were subject to high-level bombing daily from 9 till 5, but we suffered only minor damage & near misses. (Ralph Stephenson)40 The early hours reveal the shocking truth that far from being the daytimeonly soldiers that the British forces had been led to expect, the Japanese can operate very effectively at night. The day is characterized by a slow PHASE I: THE Loss OF THE MAINLAND 33 withdrawal of British forces from the northern New Territories back to the Gin Drinkers Line, to the accompaniment of almost constant Japanese bombing attacks and artillery duels.

26 NOT THE SLIGHTEST CHANCE: THE DEFENCE OF H O N G KONG Those are the positions by nightfall on this first day of fighting. At sea, all Motor Torpedo Boats are at war stations. MTBs 10 and 08 are off Po Toi Island (near Stanley), 07 and 09 off Lamma Island, and 27 and 26 at the Tathong Boom 12 (as there was no accommodation on the Thomeycroft boats, the crews of 27 and 26 stayed on HMS Robin near the Boom) (143e). Meanwhile, HMS Tamar (the old wooden-hulled ship from which the naval base gets its name) is taken out of the naval dockyards to her buoy in the harbour (99: 37).

00 The first of the three surviving CNAC aircraft takes off for Namyang (61: 59), evacuating CNAC personnel and their families. The total number rescued by the 10th is 275. 32 Escorting the Soong sisters (Sun Yat-Sen's widow and her sister) to their waiting plane, Cohen reports: 'It was a pretty grim farewell. We all knew that it was likely to be our last. For once I found myself absolutely tongue-tied. I couldn't think what the hell to say. 30 The HKVDC armoured cars take part in a second ambush on the Tai Po road, destroying another Japanese platoon as it attempts to advance down the highway (20: 6).

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