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This is one of the earliest cultures that can justifiably be called 'Eskimo'. The few facts so far known show that very different conditions obtained here from those found in the cultures we have so far discussed. The big semi-subterranean houses have an oval plan with the entrance above the earth's surface. Sea mammals were hunted, though they took second place to caribou in the Choris people's diet. Fired pottery with cord markings on the surface was in use. Slate was rarely employed and microliths, elsewhere so common among flint tools, are lacking.

Kitksan, the British Columbia. After Dockstader, 1962. Cf. p. 59 . 55 the winner establishing his higher rank. The participants would seek to excel in showy feasts with a plethora of given or destroyed objects, which would be reckoned in blankets whether the sacrifices were slaves killed, copper plates broken or boats smashed. The exhaustion of one of the two competitors ended this ruinous trial of strength. Since the prestige of a community depended on that of the chief, everyone felt obliged to help the competitor with loans.

This region is the bladder spear launched from a Although the mainland houses resemble those of throwing-board. weapon of teristic northern Alaska with their central hearth, those of the Aleutians, which are entered through a hatch in the roof, point to Asiatic models. plate armour and shields found in the Aleutians must also come from Asia. Great variations may be noted in clothing, which is based on a shirt-like upper garment that is often made of bird skin since The ; this usually reaches the ground, trousers are generally considered superfluous.

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