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By Anne McCaffrey, Edwin Herder (Illustrator)

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Nerilka, where have you been? " "Father has had her transferred into Mother's rooms. " There was no doubt of the outrage that Campen and the others felt. "He's looking for you. " "To find out if it existed at all," I replied, bitterly ignoring the other questions. " "That was our early morning task," Theskin replied, indicating that Doral had assisted. "Setting the guard and drawing up the watch rosters. Now this! " Campen was appalled at my irreverence, but Theskin and Doral guffawed. "She may have the answer, you know, Campie lad," Theskin said.

I began. "Have some pride, Nerilka. If not for yourself, for your Bloodline," my mother had replied angrily. "Fort is the first Hold, and there isn't a family on Pern that, " "Wants any of the ugly Fort daughters of this generation. Too bad you married Silma off so quickly. " "Nerilka! I'm shocked! " Even holding herself erect in anger. Mother still had to look up at me, an attitude which did not endear me further in her eyes. " I took a savage satisfaction from the expression on her face, for that had obviously been the very thought in her head for discipline.

I wanted to see, from whatever distance, the man who had captured the love and adoration of Suriana of Misty Hold, Suriana, whose parents had fostered me; Suriana, my dearest friend, who had been effortlessly all that I was not and who had shared the wealth of her friendship unstintingly with me. Alessan could not have grieved more than I for her death, for that event had taken from my life the one life I had valued above my own. To say that part of me had died with Suriana was no exaggeration.

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