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By Richard M. Bueschel

The language of the notice was once stiff. Written in Tokyo on the finish of November, 1944, after which passed over to the Ministerio De Asuntos Exteriores in Madrid by way of the japanese governments represen-tative on 2 December, it was once ultimately introduced by way of the Spanish Embassy to the USA Depart¬ment of country in Washington, D.C., on four Decem¬ber. As one of many infrequent but rational diplomatic notesexchanged among the 2 fundamental antagonists of the Pacific conflict, it printed way more in regards to the determined security arrangements made by means of Japan in its final yr of warfare than its writers may have wanted to exhibit.

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Moreover there are certain traditional names by which the various episodes of the history of the so-called "Divine Age" are known to the native scholars, and according to which the text of Vol. I may naturally be divided. The reigns of the emperors form a similar foundation for the analysis of Vols. ” It has been thought that it would be well to mark such natural divisions by the use of numbered Sections with marginal headings. The titles proposed by Motowori in the Prolegomena to his Commentary have been adopted with scarcely any alteration in the case of Vol.

The text of the "Records" is, like many other Japanese texts, completely devoid of breaks corresponding to the chapters and paragraphs into which European works are divided. With the occasional exception of a pause after a catalogue of gods or princes, and of notes inserted in smaller type and generally containing genealogies or indicating the pronunciation of certain words, the whole story, prose and verse, runs on from beginning to end with no interruptions other than those marked by the conciusiou of Vol.

Similarly the Government, in popular phraseology, is O Kami, literally “the honorably above”; and down to a few years ago Kami was the name of a certain titular provincial rank. ” A Japanese, to whom the origin of the word is patent, and who uses it every day in contexts by no means divine, does not receive from the word Kami the same impression of awe which is produced on the more earnest European mind by the words "deity" and "god,” with their very different associations. In using the word “deity," therefore, to translate the Japanese term Kami we must, so to speak, bring it down from the heights to which Western thought has raised it.

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