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By Bradley Dunsmore; Stace Cunningham; Syngress Media, Inc. Staff

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Cisco can use the MD5 hash or simple algorithm. Several Cisco routing protocols support authentication: ■ Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) ■ Routing Information Protocol version 2 (RIPv2) ■ Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (Enhanced IGRP) ■ Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) ■ Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) Preventing Systems from Use as Intermediaries for Parasitic Attacks Parasitic attacks take advantage of unsuspecting accomplices by using their systems to launch attacks against third parties.

Com 115_MC_intsec_01 12/12/00 3:04 PM Page 13 Securing Your Internetwork • Chapter 1 increasing responsiveness and service. This trend will only continue to grow. Business-to-business interactions are now rapidly shifting to the Internet. Extranets can be built over the Internet using VPN technology. Mobile users and telecommuters typically use dial-up services for connectivity to their headquarters or local office. Newer technologies such as Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or cable modems offer permanent, highspeed Internet access to the home-based telecommuters.

ESP protects only what comes after the ESP header. If the security policy between two nodes requires a combination of security services, the AH header appears first after the IP header, followed by the ESP header. This combination of Security Associations is called an SA bundle. In tunnel mode, the original IP header and payload are encapsulated by the IPSec protocols. A new IP header that specifies the IPSec tunnel destination is prepended to the packet. The original IP header and its payload are protected by the AH or ESP headers.

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