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By Victor Davis Hanson

This publication is a component background, half political research and half memoir. it truly is an intensely own ebook approximately what has replaced in California over the past sector century.

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In short, almost any physical labor that requires little skill or education but a great deal of physical strength and stamina and some courage, and that pays only a little over the minimum wage is now done by people born in Mexico—some with proper credentials, others without documentation and with dozens of false IDs. Young men and women from Mexico now take on tasks that whites, Asians, African-Americans and second-generation Mexican-Americans apparently will not. This fact is denied repeatedly by almost all native-born Americans, who believe—even if they do not say so—that aliens are taking our good jobs.

As we contemplate this growing complexity, it is worth considering the world as it appears to the illegal alien—a cosmos that I know something about as one who has worked in orchards and vineyards side by side with farm workers for much of his life. One thing this alien knows in his heart: There is a simple reason why Americans do not do farm work, one that transcends even the absence of real money and any status. It is physically hard to pick peaches all day. The twelve-foot ladder is heavy and unstable, especially when you must clamber up among the top branches sixty or seventy times a day and then descend with fifty pounds of peaches MEXIFORNIA Victor Davis Hanson 51 strapped to your belly.

The last time I worked with white farm laborers— other than my brothers—in the vineyards was in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and they all had names like Delmas, Otis, Rhoda, Everette and Velma, the last vestiges of the Oklahoma migration MEXIFORNIA Victor Davis Hanson 48 of some three decades earlier. My wife’s family all came to California from the Dust Bowl; none of her siblings or cousins has done any of the type of menial jobs that her grandparents and parents were routinely grateful to get.

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