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By Aaron M. Seider

Tracing the trail from Troy's destruction to Rome's starting place, the Aeneid explores the transition among prior and destiny. because the Trojans fight to chanced on a brand new urban and the narrator sings of his audience's often-painful background, reminiscence turns into intertwined with an important leitmotif: the problem of being a part of a bunch that survives violence and destruction in basic terms to stand the daunting activity of remembering what was once misplaced. This ebook bargains a examining of the epic that engages with severe paintings on reminiscence and questions the existing view that Aeneas needs to disregard his disastrous historical past with a view to get away from a cycle of loss. contemplating an important scenes similar to Aeneas' reconstruction of Celaeno's prophecy and his slaying of Turnus, this e-book demonstrates that reminiscence within the Aeneid is a reconstructive and dynamic method, person who bargains a social and narrative mechanism for integrating a irritating earlier with an doubtful destiny.

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3 With regard to the different recountings of the tables prophecy in Aeneid 3 and 7, it will be claimed that this inconsistency arises from Aeneas’ creative reconstruction of the past with an eye to present needs. Instead of the Trojans’ foundation in Aeneid 7 being based on a dreadful threat from Celaeno, it rests on the words of Aeneas’ beloved father. Although Aeneas’ efforts to manipulate the past are not always so clearly marked as they are here, his interactions 2 3 Primmer 1994/95, 397 also notes the pleasure and gratitude evident in this scene.

As he shares his memories, Aeneas’ version of the past becomes the Trojans’ standardized version of their history or, in other words, their oikotype. 5 Aeneas’ choice to remember, though, does not mean that oblivion is absent from his world. Rather it is present in two distinct ways. On a micro-level, forgetting is inscribed in every individual recollection, since the process of remembering is necessarily selective and leaves certain aspects of the past behind. When Aeneas remembers Anchises as the speaker of the tables prophecy, for instance, he consigns Celaeno’s role to oblivion.

78 Orlin 2007, 84. 79 Sumi 2009, 186. 80 Zanker 1988, 210–13. Sumi 2009, 168. Horsfall 1987, 23–4 and Erskine 2001, 18, and see Erskine 2001, 15–43 for a detailed discussion of the place of the Trojan myth in Late Republican and Augustan Rome. 85 With this in mind, it can be useful to evaluate the Aeneid within its cultural context, especially since certain aspects of Vergil’s epic so easily map onto its surroundings. 86 These similarities, however, exact as they may appear at times, ought not to turn the poem into a political allegory or a veiled endorsement or critique of Augustus’ mnemonic policy.

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