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This ebook is a entire advisor for constructing a good preventive upkeep software for any facility. issues comprise facility inspection and overview, powerful lubrication practices, advertisement roofing fix, indoor air caliber administration, acceptable executive codes, criteria and rules, distinctive preventive upkeep strategies, and upkeep scheduling. particular upkeep methods are tested for greater than a hundred kinds of gear and development elements. additionally mentioned are the commercial worth of preventive upkeep, administration and motivation of the preventive upkeep group, and establishing a automatic upkeep administration procedure (CMMS).

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A desktop pencil sharpener might be a silly example, but there are lots of small items you will not choose to include in your PM program for this same reason. If you can repair or replace a piece of equipment as easily and cheaply as you can PM it, then a “run-to-failure” strategy will save time and money in the long run. 16 Manager’s Guide to Preventive Building Maintenance Emergency Maintenance Emergency maintenance is the more urgent sibling of corrective maintenance. While corrective maintenance needs to be done timely, emergency maintenance needs to be done immediately.

If we have been inspecting our capital equipment according to our PM program, we will be aware of what equipment needs replacing, what repairs are likely, and can budget more effectively. In an effort to control costs, facilities departments often attempt to “limp along” old equipment until it reaches the point that no more repairs can be done. With good repair and inspection records, we will know when the cost of repairs was exceeding the cost of replacement and would be less likely to continue to waste money when replacement would be more cost effective.

Nothing is the best thing a maintenance department can have. In maintenance, the alternative to nothing is problems. However, it is human nature to want to see what we buy. PM does not have anything to show, at least in the short term. In the long term, the benefits will be seen in reduced maintenance costs and increased maintenance efficiency. It can be hard to convince a lot of people to think in terms of long-term benefits. Most companies also already have a backlog of things to invest money in that could save them money.

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