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Gender Differences in Human Cognition (Counterpoints)

For years, either psychologists and most people were fascinated by the inspiration that there are gender ameliorations in cognitive skills; even now, flashy hide tales exploiting this concept dominate significant information magazines, whereas examine specializes in variations in verbal, mathematical, spatial, and clinical talents throughout gender.

Medea's Chorus: Myth and Women's Poetry Since 1950 (Studies in Modern Poetry, Volume 19)

Women’s mythic revision is a convention on the middle of twentieth-century literature. Medea’s refrain explores post-WWII women’s poetry that takes Greek mythology as its significant topos. The publication investigates 5 of the main influential poets writing within the 20th century (H. D. , Sylvia Plath, Adrienne wealthy, Margaret Atwood, Eavan Boland) who problem either the traditional literary representations of ladies and the excessive modernist appropriations of the classics.

Transnational Identities of Women Writers in the Austro-Hungarian Empire

The amount Transnational Identities of ladies Writers within the Austro-Hungarian Empire brings jointly contributions of researchers from areas or international locations that belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire or had robust connections to it, as a result commentary that there are only a few examine effects for those areas because it issues the facets of literary job of diverse girls writers, newshounds, activists or feminism supporters.

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Update, 6/94). As in Stossel’s other recent reports, Boys and Girls presents protection of corporations as consumer protection. “Legal fees will . . be passed on to you if you or your kids take an SAT test. ” In fact, a federal judge ruled that the aptitude exam was gender-biased because its results do not accurately predict women’s performance in college—which is what the aptitude test is supposed to do. ” At one point, he demanded, “Your brains work differently. Maybe you’re not as good in math.

3. What message is Neuborne trying to send? Reprinted from Ellen Neuborne, “Imagine My Surprise,” in Listen Up: Voices from the Next Feminist Generation, edited by Barbara Findlen. Copyright ©1995 by Barbara Findlen. Reprinted by permission of Seal Press, Seattle, Washington. 58 Male/Female Frontmatter 2/27/04 3:46 PM Page 59 W hen my editor called me into his office and told me to shut the door, I was braced to argue. I made a mental note to stand my ground. It was behind the closed door of his office that I realized I’d been programmed by the sexists.

Primary and secondary sex characteristics, such as body hair, wombs and testes, do not establish spatial or verbal abilities. Yet researchers continue to troll for sex differences and bankable headlines. Phyllis Burke, Gender Shock: Exploding the Myths of Male and Female, 1996. This deliberate ignorance of opposing scientific views allowed Stossel to pose as the defender of objective truth, contrasting himself with those who tailor the truth to fit their preconceived ideological notions: “If we deny what science knows 37 Male/Female Frontmatter 2/27/04 3:45 PM Page 38 about human nature, how can we create sensible social policies?

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