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5 Cf. Ker (2009) ­122–3 for an example of a “selective quotation” in which the larger context of the quote provides “obvious incongruities” with the thesis being argued.  allusive reference to the same texts” with an example from Nat. 2. 8 My study does not aim to uncover hidden Stoic meaning in the tragedies, but rather to investigate the manner in which the works of previous poets are incorporated autonomously in Seneca’s prose and poetic works. Frequently Seneca philosophus provides a Stoic interpretation of such lines in his letters and dialogues, but such an interpretation is often far away from the sentiment of Seneca tragicus.

24 i n t r o d u c t i o n e­ xplores different facets of her character before she attains her superhuman position at the close of the tragedy. 88 In the Phaedra, the characterization of Hippolytus and ­Phaedra indicates the strong connection between Ovid and Seneca, but these characters (unlike Medea) are unable to come to terms with their own selfpresentation. Language from Ovid’s elegiac poetry abounds in Seneca’s play, but now the tropes and imagery from Ovid’s Amores and Ars Amatoria have a sinister air and point to the failure of Phaedra’s desire.

In this fragment, Seneca is able to bridge the distance between friends by adding details “from life” (e vivo). 48 Seneca as the reader here directs our interpretation of the Vergilian quote through his expansion of the material in the active construction (effingatur) of the imago, a process that individual readers may choose to formulate differently. ”49 One can question and elaborate on the individual memory according to one’s own preferences, exposing the process of reception, and making an image in some sense come alive.

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