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By Dennis Boyer

Inspired by way of years of conversing with farmers, foragers, loggers, tribal activists, seed savers, fishers, railroaders, and nature fanatics of all stripes, Dennis Boyer has created in Listen to the Land a desirable communal dialog that invitations readers to consider their very own roles in grassroots environmentalism. The approximately fifty voices that Boyer recreates the following pass genders, generations, and geography. They contain an Ojibwe chief considering nuclear waste, a houseboat dweller, a girl sharing her abilities in amassing fit to be eaten vegetation, a caboose-tender, a Milwaukeean struggling with city blight—even a recluse who shoots out streetlights.
    all of the terribly assorted views that Boyer recreates right here considers the query, How do I engage with the Earth? every one has anything vital to assert that expands our knowing of conservation and environmentalism. Listen to the Land encourages you to learn a talk or after which move open air and begin considered one of your own.

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It’s just not about conquest of territory or people; this conquest begins inside and works toward the outside. The internal conquest is the basis for everything that follows. First you conquer your own fear. That does not mean you offer your life up in some giddy euphoria. You simply make friends with your fear and tell him to step aside. Then you conquer your hate. You strive for purity and detachment, making sure you’re in a good space from which to take action. Finally, you conquer greed. This means the destruction of attachments to things, status, and all the stuff we’re told is necessary for a meaningful modern life.

But to hear our critics talk, you’d think there was a warden behind every tree and that they all had a sixth sense about sniffing out violations. That’s an impression I did nothing to discourage in my time of over thirty years. Throw a rock in Wisconsin, and you’ll hit somebody who says they care about our resources. Everybody says they love the wildlife. Everybody says they’re environmentalists. Talk is cheap. Wardens have to go beyond that kind of talk. They have to feel strongly enough about the conservation ethic to put life and limb on the line.

There’s no surer bet that you, your ground, and your neighbors are in for a gouging than to hear some fancy-pants tell you that somebody else is causing a problem. If somebody in Timbuktu is praying to the god of cats and interbreeding with spider monkeys, the fancy-pants will get you all worked up about it. Meanwhile their arms are elbow-deep in your wallet and your shorts. But damn if we haven’t turned into a society where cow pies fill the space between most 48 Spring in the East ears. Instead of taking care of their own ground and their own kin and neighborhoods, they’d just as soon put a check in the mail to one of those windbag fancy-pants.

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