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A professor of Greek rhetoric, common letter author and influential social determine, Libanius (AD 314-393) is a key writer for anyone attracted to past due Antiquity, old rhetoric, historical epistolography and historical biography. however, he continues to be understudied since it is this sort of daunting activity to entry his huge and basically partly translated oeuvre. This quantity, that's the 1st entire learn of Libanius, bargains a serious advent to the guy, his texts, their context and reception. transparent displays of the orations, progymnasmata, declamations and letters liberate the corpus, and a survey of all on hand translations is supplied. while, the amount explores new interpretative techniques of the texts from numerous angles. Written by means of a staff of verified in addition to upcoming specialists within the box, it considerably reassesses works akin to the Autobiography, the Julianic speeches and letters, and Oration 30 For the Temples.

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56 In his treatment of the reign of Valens, Libanius not only exaggerates the dangers he had to face, as we shall see below, but also has it stated that he ‘did not pay more visits to any governor than he would receive’ (§168). In the case of Theodosius, finally, Libanius ascribes to himself an important role in resolving crises such as the AD 382–3 food crisis (§§205–11) and the 387 riot of the statues (§§252–3). All in all, then, Libanius poses as a rhetorician remaining faithful to his calling and ready to take up the defence of just causes, whoever be the adversary.

Peter Van Nuffelen is Professor of Ancient History at Ghent University, Belgium. His main research interest is Late Antiquity, with a particular focus on historiography and religious developments. In 2004, he published a monograph on the church histories of Socrates and Sozomen entitled Un héritage de paix et de piété. His most recent books are Rethinking the Gods: Philosophical Readings of Religion in the Post-Hellenistic Period (Cambridge University Press, 2011) and Orosius and the Rhetoric of History (2012).

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