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By Lawrence Joseph Henderson; Edit and introduciton by bernard barber.

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124 Whyte was chosen a Junior Fellow by Henderson and his col­ leagues in 1936 and was eventually given four eompletely free years to carry out his research. Like most novices, he originally constructed a grandiose plan of research in the Italian "slum" in the North End of Boston that has since come to be known to soci­ ologists everywhere as Street Corner Society. With his overambi­ tious proj ect statement in hand, he approached Henderson for advice. Here is what happened : We spent an hour together, and I came away with my plans very much in a state of flux.

He felt he had to settle for some­ thing less : This conceptual scheme of the social equilibrium is probably in the long run the most useful for the sociologist of revolution. I t is for our purposes, however, a bit too ambitious. It needs for full success a more accurate grasp of more numerous variables than we can at p resent manage. Though it need not necessarily be formulated in pre­ cise mathematical terms, it ought to be formulated in terms more close to those of mathematics than we can honestly employ.

The very first of these is as follows : 25 Case I Philiscus lived by the wall. He took to his bed with acute fever on the fi rst day and sweating ; night uncomfortable. Second day. General exacerbation, later a small clyster moved the bowels well. A restful night. Third day. Early and until mid-day he appeared to have lost the fever ; but towards evening acute fever with sweating ; thirst ; dry tongue ; black urine. An uncomfortable night, without sle�p ; com­ pletely out of his mind. Fourth day.

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