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0 were discontiguous), this summarization might not be valid. Another advantage of using route summarization in a large, complex network is that it can isolate topology changes in one area of the network from other routers. 0/22 in the example network) does not change on router E. Therefore, router E does not need to continually modify its routing table as the result of this flapping. 2 Copyright © 2005, Cisco Systems, Inc. Note “Flapping” is a term commonly used to describe intermittent interface failure.

The number of bits that you add to the default routing mask creates a counting range for subnets. Each count is a unique binary pattern. The number of subnetworks created is calculated by the 2 n formula, where n is the number of bits by which the default routing mask is extended. 0 to explicitly allow subnetwork 0. 0 and later, subnetwork 0 is enabled by default. The bits that are not allocated as the network part or the subnetwork part of the address form a counting range for hosts. Host addresses are selected from these remaining bits and must also be numerically unique from all other hosts on the network.

224 /27 subnet. If you use the first three /30 subnets, then five /30 subnets remain. 2 Copyright © 2005, Cisco Systems, Inc. 235 Calculating VLSM: Binary ©2005 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Example: Calculating VLSM–Binary The figure shows an example of the calculation. Copyright © 2005, Cisco Systems, Inc. 2—1-9 Summary This topic summarizes the key points discussed in this lesson. Summary • The network mask and the prefix length field inform a device of the range of addresses associated with a corresponding IP address.

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