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By G. Ya., And Others Bei-Bienko

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1. Acerentomon Silv. Labrum extended into rostrum. Lateral margins of head capsule almost straight. Basal part of head capsule twice as broad as anterior part (Figure 12, 4). Several species in Western Europe. R. 2. Order PODURA^ (Collembola) E. F. Martynova 43 44 Small ap-terygote insects not exceeding 10mm in length, generally 1-2 mm, entognathous, with modified biting mouthparts. Antennae 4to 6-segmented, eyes lacking or consisting of 1-8 irregularly arranged ommatidia. Abdomen 6-segmented, with the following appendages: segment I, ventral tube- III.

Pseudachorudina Stach. Postantennal organ consisting of 17-27 lobes. Apex of maxillae consisting of 3 pointed, subulate parts. Mandibles with 5 denticles. Ventral margin of mucro straight or slightly curved (Figure 24, 1). Integument covered with smooth, coarse granules. R. 1 (1). Color blue-black. 5). Western Ukraine ................ P. palmiensis Born. 4. Family 59 ANURIDAE None to 5 ocelli on each side of head. Mouthparts adapted for sucking, forming a short cone. Postantennal organ consisting of 5-40 peripheral lobes arranged in a circle or ellipse.

1 (1). Color whitish. Postantennal organ consisting of 25-50 lobes in 2 parallel rows. Pseudocelli star-shaped, with 7 lobes, indistinct on thoracic segments and abdominal segments I-III. In forests and open areas, in soil, litter, etc. Baltic Region M. krausbaueri Born. to the Caucasus ......................... 2. Family NEANURIDAE Mouthparts elongate, adapted for sucking. Head and body segments bearing large tubercles consisting of patches with coarse granulation. Posterior margin of abdominal segment VI with semicircular notch.

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