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By Francois Déroche; Deke Dusinberre and David Radzinowicz (translators); Muhammad lsa Waley (ed.)

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See Haran, 'Bible scrolls in Eastern and Western Jewtsh commumues from Qumran to the High Middle Ages', Hebrew Union College Armual 56 (1985), p. 48. ~~ Muzerelle, Vocabulaire, p. 92, defines a 'double page' as a set of two facing pages compnsmg the verso of one folio and the recto of the next. 75 The Quires of a Codex Islamic Codicology: an Introduction to the Study of Manuscripts in Arabic Script doing a skin could if necessary be used for different quires, indeed different manuscripts. 24 Subsequently~ sheets of the same size, usually five in number, were stacked in the same position and folded down the middle to compose a quire.

A bilingual manuscript copied in 1391 at Baghdad (MS. Paris BNF arabe 3365) contains a number of pink-coloured pages; in another, copied in 1413 at Baghdad (MS. BNF suppl. persan 1531), many pages arc yellow. The ninth/fifteenth century marked a golden age for coloured and decorated papers in Iran, and it was then that a number of special techniques reached their zenith. Throughout this century in Timurid and Turkmen states, manuscripts with differently coloured pages were actively sought after, most being collections or anthologies of poetry.

48- 51 and pi. 18- 24). 21 The reader is referred to the bibliography where the most useful corpuses of watermarks are listed. 22 A. 'etude des papiers : beaucoup plus qu'une tres belle image', Gazette duliv>·e 111edieval34 (Spring 1999), pp. 13- 24. 23 See T. 'etude des manuscripts (Paris, 1974), Pl'· 143- 156. 24 C. Rauber, P. Tschudin and T. Pun describe DOCSCAN, a system for digitizing documents, 'DOCSCAN', together with KRYPICT, a database of watermarks, in 'Systeme d'archivage et de recherche de filigranes', Gazelle du livm mhhcva/31 (Autumn 1997), pp.

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