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By Daniel Sosnoski, Narumi Yasuda

Featuring full-color pictures and illustrations all through, this article is a complete advisor to jap culture.

The richness of Japan's heritage is well known around the globe. The historical past of tradition that its society has produced and handed directly to destiny generations is considered one of Japan's maximum accomplishments. In Introduction to jap Culture, you are going to learn an summary, via sixty-eight unique and informative essays, of Japan's so much outstanding cultural achievements, including:

  • Religion, Zen Buddhism, prepared marriages and Bushido
  • Drama and Art—from pottery, portray and calligraphy to haiku, kabuki and karate
  • Cuisine—everything from rice to uncooked fish
  • Home and activity, from board video games equivalent to visit origami, kimonos and jap gardens

The Japan of this present day is an absolutely sleek, Westernized society in approximately each regard. nonetheless, the weather of an past age are in actual fact noticeable within the country's arts, fairs, and customs. This ebook specializes in the fundamental constants that stay in present-day Japan and their opposite numbers in Western culture.

Edited via Daniel Sosnoski, an American author who has lived in Japan on account that 1985, those well-researched articles, colour pictures, and line illustrations supply a compact advisor to points of Japan that frequently puzzle the skin observer. Introduction to jap Culture is splendidly informative, a wanted primer at the cultural makeup and behaviors of the japanese. This ebook is bound to fascinate the scholar, vacationer, or someone who seeks to grasp and comprehend jap tradition, eastern etiquette, and the heritage of Japan.

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Often they h ave won their Kabuki tour in a sales-promotion lottery. For most, it is an experience they will n ever forget. A Performance of the Kabuki Classic Sukeroku hayashi-kata : Japanese classical arts musicians 2 shinzo : attendant for a high-ranking courtesan 3 hana-michi: aisle-stage used for dramatic entrances 12 13 14 15 shogi: a bench kakae-obi: kimono sash , tied in front hachi-maki: he adb and kuma-dori: makeup that exagge rates kabuki acto r's express ions 4 mie : dramat ic pose ass umed by kabuki actors 5 ja-no-me gasa: oil-paper umbrella used in 16 Sukeroku : the leading role in the kabuki 6 lkyu : the villain in the kabuki play Sukeroku 17 tachi-yaku: ac tor who performs male roles kabuki 7 noren : curtain hung ove r the entrance to a shop 8 9 10 11 yago: nam e of a shop , also used fo r kabuki actors yukaku : the part of a c ity dedicated to brothels kosh i: latticework window tayu: top-rank courtesan , also called an oiran play of the same name 18 kanzashi : long, ornamental hairpin 19 kogai: fl at, ornamental hairpin 20 tate-hyogo: special hairstyle worn onl y by co urtesans 21 Agemaki: name of the tayu loved by Suke roku 22 oyama : actor who perfo rms female roles 31 BUNRAKU Puppet Plays VERY FEW Westerners who have had the chance to see bunraku, the traditional Japanese puppet play, have failed to be impressed by the performance.

The bow (yumi) used in kyudo is taller than the archer, thus adding to the dramatic effect of the ceremony. T he arrows (ya) are made of bamboo. T h e archer wears a special glove sin ce the arrow is shot fro m th e right, causing the bow to twist to the left. Great skill is required to h old the bow when it recoils. In Western fencing the arms are open at the sides of the body and come across to parry and lunge. In arch ery the bull's-eye is all-important. But in kendo and kyudo the power comes from th e middle of the torso, from within (ki).

For those who enjoy the relaxing, romantic appeal of dining in their rooms, Japanese inns are ideal. Since both breakfast and dinner are included in the room charge, ryokan are very convenient as well. For people who like to eat at different times and in different kinds of restaurants, however, ryokan can be expensive. For meals that are not eaten, the ryokan usually allows only a small discount. Americans in particular are often unpleasantly surprised at checkout time when they are asked to pay their bill.

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