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Participants are expected to write from their experience and their beliefs. The limits of this are tested by the general resistance to collective belief structures, the party or corporate line. For authenticity, the beliefs and experience should be genuinely personal, informed by experience (including experiences as a doctor, farmer, electrical engineer and so on). Speech of this kind shows little interest in the opportunity for online anonymity which has been proposed as an important characteristic of CMC – though less so in relation to asynchronous communication than to synchronous forms (Herring 2001).

7 (2000) – about mobile phones The industry and the government have too much at stake to be a reliable source of information. They will lie and deceive to protect their own interests. They put their interests above your health. Hence – RULE THREE: DO NOT TRUST INDUSTRY OR GOVERNMENT STATEMENTS ON SAFETY OF MOBILE PHONES That isn’t to say everything they say is wrong, just that they are happy to lie and dissemble if it suits them. Example no. 8 (2003) – about SARS Yeah xxx, you been listening to our two SARS ‘experts’ just happen to be company men.

Newsgroups are for flaming. Could it be that in newsgroups characterized by much flaming there is a mutual agreement, in what has been, with exceptions, a male-dominated environment (Anderson 1996; Herring 1996b, 2001), to allow it here, to suspend any face-protection devices which might otherwise operate? Certainly there is some evidence of newsgroup participants who value the opportunity Computer-Mediated Communication and Language 27 which newsgroups give them for expressing their feelings in a forceful way (see Phillips 1996).

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