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By Timothy P. Bridgman

In Greek mythology, Hyperboreans have been a tribe who lived a ways to Greece's north. Contained in what has come all the way down to us of Greek literary culture are texts that determine the Hyperboreans with the Celts, or Hyperborean lands with Celtic ones. This groundbreaking ebook experiences the texts that make or indicate this id, and offers explanation why a few historical Greek authors pointed out a legendary individuals with an exact one. Timothy P. Bridgman demonstrates not just that those authors mythologize background, yet that they used the normal Greek parallel legendary international to interpret historical past all through historic Greek tradition, concept and literature.

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Homer was thus being transposed from east to west. 33 These features would seem to fit into what would later be called the Delian strand of the Hyperborean myth. On the other hand, the Homeric Hymn to Apollo gives us our first clear outline of the legend involving Zeus, Leto, Artemis, Apollo and Delos. 126). Hera sent Python to make sure Leto did not bear her children in any place reached by the sun (Homeric Hymn to Apollo 300ff). Python was a symbol of the land and the human world with all its frailties and strife, whereas the sun’s light was a symbol of the world of the gods.

The sun’s strong rays are a symbol of the world of the gods, superheroes and mythical utopias, where no human could survive. The shadow of the olive tree was a symbol of the human world, of its strife and difficulties. The sun’s strong rays act as a symbol of dike in the totally perfect and just world of the gods, whereas shade symbolized hybris, a characteristic of humankind. The sacred site composed both, as it was part of both worlds. 24–34). 38ff) and finds it fitting their springs should be located beside it.

Bérard wrote that the original Daphnephoreum lay in the Lelantine Plain and was much older. The plain, rich in metal ore, also has Mycenaean connections, as the excavations at Lefkandi have shown. Auberson feels that the temple represented the first of the three mythical temples in the Delphic sanctuary which Apollo would have built on his way back from Tempe in Thessaly. The Daphnephoreum also comprised a model of the Omphalus. 9–10). Bérard maintained that such a model existed at Delos as well, but there is no archaeological evidence.

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