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The aurora is produced by particles from the sun that are formed into rings by the earth s magnetic field and colored by gases in the upper atmosphere. When viewed from earth, the aurora comes in many colors—including white, blue, green, and red—and various shapes and sizes, some similar to clouds and others far more spectacular. The aurora borealis is commonly known as the northern lights, although the southern lights are just as common but are seen by far fewer people as the South Pole region has no indigenous population.

Four of these calendars are the Jewish calendar, the Hindu calendar, the Muslim calendar, and the Chinese calendar. , meaning that the year 1995 in the Gregorian calendar aligns with the year 5756 on the Jewish calendar. According to Jewish tradition, the earth was created in the year 3761. D. 350 with clear influences from earlier Hebrew and Babylonian calendars. It is both lunar and solar with 12 months of 29 or 30 days (some alternate between the two lengths in different years) and 7 leap years of an extra month in each 19-year cycle.

1984) Carrying Capacity of Nation-States. PSPHHPliHPl [mjRHXwmHti See HUNTING-GATHERING. Color is a physical attribute of objects in the environment and also a matter of considerable variation and subjective meaning for peoples around the world. From a COLOR COLOR purely physical point of view, different wave lengths of light are perceived by humans as different colors. When white light waves are refracted through a prism, one can see the spectrum of hues. Water droplets in the atmosphere act like prisms, refracting light and producing a rainbow.

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