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Those well timed volumes characteristic the heritage and reasons of a few of the U.S.' most vital executive organizations via enlightening prose and punctiliously selected images, engravings, and paintings.-- Informative courses to numerous govt organisations, methods, and histories-- excellent introductions to those very important topics-- perfect for research-- enhances university curriculumFrom the party's inception to its modern-day manifestations, the GOP's chronicles are comparable.

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These included how best to handle Reconstruction, questions of corruption, ideas about reforming the way in which government jobs were awarded, and tariffs on imported goods. After Grant’s reelection, the corruption and scandals that had troubled his administration in its first term continued. Grant had been a strong general but was a weak president, and his administration was known for rewarding his supporters with political positions and laws favorable to their businesses or states. Gradually, voters 35 36 THE HISTORY OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY became disgusted with the corruption, and, in the election of 1874, the Republicans lost control of Congress.

4 A Progressive Era D uring McKinley’s first term, the United States became more involved in world politics. There was a war with Spain—the 10-week Spanish-American War in 1898—and the United States added to its territory by acquiring Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, as well as by annexing (taking control of) Hawaii. In addition, McKinley’s secretary of state called for an “open door” policy on trade with China. America was emerging as a world power. Not all Republicans supported this new America, which seized territory and traded around the world.

Republican leaders had drawn up a list of qualifications that the ideal nominee would possess: He would have to have been someone who had opposed the League of Nations (to keep him consistent with the majority of the Republicans in the House and Senate), yet one who would be willing to see the United States eventually participate with certain reservations (to avoid alienating those Republicans who supported the League). He would have to have been a firm supporter of the Republican Party— anyone who had slipped away to join the Progressives in 1912 need not apply.

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