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The ultimate non secular darshan talks recorded ahead of the author's loss of life.

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Hitherto, they were sending directly; now maybe it will come through one channel. Where to spend? Where you think best, where it is most needed. My reply has always been like that. Naturally, when you have love, you have love for any man, for any purpose, you give. Love knows giving, giving, and giving and expecting no return for the worldly things or the spiritual. Love knows service and sacrifice. We think in other terms because we are finite; we have not risen above those labels. ” To have that you must rise above limitations, “isms,” labels, otherwise there will be the same trouble.

Master: Yes. There are thousands of names. These are the names chosen by Saints because they are related — directly concerned with the planes, something representing those planes, quite near to them. All other names are qualitative. These are not qualitative, but [they] give some clue of those planes. These names are given in the books, also, but they are not charged. When charged, anything that will come will also be charged. Disciple: What should a common man do to make himself happy? Master: Do all things according to His wishes.

A retired Foreign Minister who held a very important job in Parliament wonders how they have progressed so wonderfully. He said that he has been doing this in the West for many years but had not succeeded. So man has got great power and naturally all credit goes to the Saint. ] Have you written anything on the Parliament? Disciple: No. I'm supposed to transcribe your talk and I want to do that this evening. Master: That's all right. You are to do something. It is you who are to carry it to the public and speak.

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