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The objective of the research is a phenomenological idea of the equipment and later the method of the human sciences, to start with the philological interpretation of texts. the 1st half is a severe mirrored image at the historic improvement of hermeneutics as approach to studying texts and the culture together with the 1st steps towards the emergence of clinical methodological hermeneutics. Such reflections convey that the advance of hermeneutics is onesidedly based within the improvement of hermeneutical cognizance, i.e. the altering attitudes within the program and rejection of cultural traditions. All equipment and eventually methodologies are onesidedly based within the actions of the lifeworld. the second one half is a primary try and enhance an overview of a common phenomenological thought of pre-methodical and methodical figuring out within the lifeworld. The 3rd half deals a serious phenomenologically guided research of methodological hermeneutics.

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The further development of the earlier Christian literary tradition in the Byzantine Empire is therefore a fascinating model for one possible type of development of hermeneutical consciousness. In late Classical Antiquity tradition was the source of all truth for the philologists and a bag full of falsehoods for the Skeptics. But the new hermeneutical consciousness of the Christian church distinguished between their own catholic truth and the contradicting falsehoods in all other traditions. The new conception of truth in the tradition–and the justification of its application–immediately implies the rejection of all other traditions as false.

The narrow interpretation of this conclusion dominating both in the Patristic period and in the East was that nothing but what is explicitly said in the Scriptures can be true. In other words, all truths of natural reason can be found in the Scriptures. Therefore, it is sufficient to study the Scriptures and the inspired interpretations of the church fathers sanctioned by the councils and it is useless to look for truths of natural reason in the writings of the ancients. But the dominating interpretation of this conclusion in the Middle Ages is different.

32 Hermeneutics This principle had tremendous consequences for the development of hermeneutical consciousness in the Middle Ages. , Ulpian. It was also possible to consider the truth claims in the philosophical and medical literary traditions of the Jews and of the Muslims, and very often truth could be found in them. The study of old and even foreign literary traditions became a meaningful task for one’s own tradition. The goal was still to determine the unity of natural reason and its concordance with revelation, but the strict separation of the true tradition and the other false traditions was weakened.

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