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A Mechanical Catalog for the Heavy equipment Universe.Are you working out of recent machines to pit your avid gamers opposed to? bored with taking part in the standard machines? have to boost your crusade with never-seen-before designs? operating out of time to create your personal Gears?Wait not more! this is often the e-book you have been ready for.The Terra Nova box advisor sequence showcases the commonest items of kit utilized by the 62nd century. strive against and software autos, Heavy Gears, striders, it is all there! This 3rd 48-page quantity within the sequence provides eighteen new autos to be used within the Northern Hemisphere. Many new vehiclar guns are tested intensive, in addition to new perks and flaws. Ready-to-play checklist sheets and over 30 counters are incorporated, showcasing all eighteen cars in complete colour. essential for all Heavy equipment avid gamers, despite their allegience!

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