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In. MS AN 29513 Edward 6227B Dash Vor No. No. *No. 475 444 445 240 71 72 446 242 73 447 244 74 448 246 75 449 248 249 76 VO o 2 ö ^ 8© 451 Ö 77 450 252 79 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 78 256 257 258 260 262 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 Up to OS 73 USAF 934 Dash Nos. agree with OS numbers. S. 1806. 29513 numbers. Equivalents to AN-6230B AN-123856 to AN-123934 AN-123956 to AN-124034 and other USAF 934 dash numbers may be found on pages 160-163 of Design Data Manual (1957). Rogers Publishing Co.

3. Solvents and cleaning fluids. Most rubbers are affected to some degree by the common solvents ; the immersion of rubbers in organic solvents to clean them is therefore undesirable. Wiping with a lint free rag or tissue soaked in alcohol or acetone will generally remove surface contaminants. The most effective solvents are xylene, benzene, toluene, and chloroform but they are not quick acting. 4. Vacuum uses. By far the largest vacuum application for elastomers is as gaskets in demountable seals ; (section 9).

N o . (for ref. only) Equivalents MS AN 29513 Edward Inside dia. Thickness 6227B Dash Vor in. in. No. No. *No. 800 -H en O O Ö -w en O © CO O O Ö -H en O Ö en S8 3? —continued. S. 1806:1962 " O " Seal Size No. S. S. No. (for ref. Inside dia. Thickness in. in. 484 o o Ö -H Os m © 8 Ö ± OS m τ—I ö ò -H OS m O Equivalents MS AN 29513 Edward 6227B Dash Vor No. No. *No. 023 4^ bo t-ft ^O 4^ 4^ - J ON U> © 4^ ^O N> N> K> N) ^ 4i. 015 4^ \θ OO 4i. ST MS AN 29513 Edward 6227B Dash Vor No. No. *No. S. S.

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