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By Jerome J. Cuomo, Stephen M. Rossnagel, Harold R. Kaufman

Offers with ion beam processing for easy sputter etching of samples, sputter deposition of skinny movies, the synthesis of fabric in skinny movie shape, and the amendment of the homes of skinny movies.

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The deflection of a beamlet (the ions from a single aperture) with this technique is usually limited to about 4-8 degrees. Almost all dished two-grid ion optics, Fig. 6, are fabricated from molybdenum. Molybdenum has a low thermal expansion and a moderate sputter yield. The modulus of elasticity, however, is more than a factor of ten higher than that of graphite, which results in much more rigid grids. The dished shape greatly reduces the grid deflections from thermal gradients within the grids (12).

2) (7). The efficiency of ion production is improved if the field strength decreases toward the ion optics, as indicated in Fig. 2. Cathode Magnetic field Anode Figure 2: Axial-field discharge chamber. A multipole configuration (Fig. 3) was developed later and gives a more uniform ion density at the ion optics. ) The initial version of this discharge chamber used electromagnets for research purposes, (8) but later versions have all used permanent magnets. This discharge chamber presents maintenance problems when used in industrial applications.

The ion current densities that are obtainable depend on the grid spacing (lg in Eq. (I)) and the voltages used. For a typical 1 mm spacing and beam-supply voltages of 500-1000 V (500-1000 eV), the current densities at the ion optics typically range from 1-4 mA/cm 2 . Accelerator grid Figure 5: An ion source with one-grid ion optics. Note that the ion-beam current is very sensitive to total voltage. An ion-beam current or current density therefore has little meaning without the corresponding ion energy.

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