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By Dana Larsen

Furry Pothead thinks he's a typical boy - till he's rescued through a biker, will get a pitcher bong, rides the Magic Bus, lives in a hashish fortress, attends Hempwards tuition of Herbcraft and Weedery, learns to play Qannabbi, does conflict with a policeman, and smokes a whole lot marijuana. the explanation: bushy Pothead is a Weedster! Come in addition to bushy Pothead and his top associates, Herbonme Stranger and Gon Weedly. Meet the enormous biker Hogride, Hempwards grasp Head Alwaze Duinthadope, Professors Moruvva McGanjagal and Vacuous Vape, and all of the remainder of the Hempwards employees! bushy Pothead is a hilarious and subversive parody so as to be loved through somebody who will get a kick out of hashish.

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The Council of Canabians wants to send Inquisitors to help protect the school, but I refused them,” continued the Master Head. “I don’t want those things on my campus. However, I have instructed Agros to keep a close watch on the internal security systems. ” “Don’t be so sure Alwaze,” replied Professor Vape. “Dilirius Bake is a slippery fellow, catching him is like holding smoke in your fist. He escaped from Vatican! And he knew the school better than almost anyone. ” Hairy heard the distinctive deep gurgle of the tubebong as Duinthadope’s only reply.

Also, be careful with the desserts,” warned Duinthadope, picking up a huge chocolate-covered pastry and cramming most of it into his mouth. ” he shouted, spraying crumbs all the way down his long white beard. When the dessert cart came by, Hairy chose a Maple Chronic Square, which was served on a bed of fresh baby hemp leaves and drizzled with pot toffee. He couldn’t resist adding a piece of Hash Fudge to his plate as well, especially when he saw Gon taking a huge piece of Cannabaklava, three Ganja Goo Balls and a handful of Caramel Potcorn, while also pocketing plenty of Space Pops and Turkish Delights for later.

He ran to the end of the hall, turned right, and jogged ten paces. There was a niche in the wall with a statue of famed Weedster and jazz icon, Louis Armstrong. Hairy desperately felt around the statue, trying to figure out how to open the door. Finally, he twisted the end of Armstrong’s trumpet and a small opening appeared in the hemp brick wall behind the statue. Hairy slipped into the small tunnel and the door automatically slid shut as he passed. He flicked on the Eyepalm to see Roach striding past the statue and continuing on down the hall.

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