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The other examples occur i n the following verses: L k . x 11, 20; x i i i 33; x v i i i 8. I n all p r o b a b i l i t y there is a further instance i n L k . x v i i 1, where some texts have δέ, b u t πλήν seems t o be the preferable reading. I n the Pauline Epistles there are four examples of πλήν as a conjunction, and i n three out of the four i t functions as a balancing adversative. The clearest instance is i n Phil, i v n , 14, ούχ ότι καθ' ύστέρησιν λέγω· εγώ γάρ έ'μαθον, έν οίς είμι, αυτάρκης είναι .

I I 1 V 4 2 ; Instit. Cyri V v 1 1 , 2 4 ; A r . Th. 7 0 9 . There are t e x t u a l variants. For a justification of the reading xcci ye, see Appendix, B. See above, p. 13 n . 2. 1 2 3 4 5 THE 38 LINGUISTIC SIGNIFICANCE as either καίτοι γε or μέντοι γε, is attested by several examples: καί γε τούτου, φίλτατε, άπρίξ έχώμεθα του σκοπού (Longin. de Sublim. xiii 2), την μεν παρ* υμών τιμήν ασπάζομαι, καί γε επί τούτω σφόδρα χαίρω (P. Oxy. I 4 )> ^ Υ πολλά, φησίν, έστιν (Hermas, Μ and. viii 5), and καί πολλούς έκριζοΐ άπό της πίστεως καί γε λίαν πιστούς καί ισχυρούς (ibid, ix 9)· The use of this idiom in the secular κοινή may have been only occasional.

X i 20; Gal. i i i 29; Heb. x i i 8). There is one example in the Hermetica of the use of inferential άρα at the beginning of a sentence: ό δέ άνθρωπος ούκ έστιν αεί* άρα ουδέ αληθές έστι (Herm. I l l (Bude) Fr. i i A, 12). There are also a few examples of άρα at the beginning of an apodosis: δωρεάν άπέθανεν άν δέ τρέμων και πενθών ζ η τ η ς ά π ε ρ ί π τ ω τ ο ς είναι, άρα π ώ ς π ρ ο κ ύ π τ ε ι ς ; (Epict. Dss. I 4 , 12), and οταν γάρ μηδεμία ερις ένήρεισται έν ύμιν ή (Ign. ad Efih. viii 1 ; cf.

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