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By Jennifer Larson

Greek Nymphs: Myths, Cult, Lore is the 1st accomplished learn of the nymph within the historic Greek global. This well-illustrated ebook examines nymphs as either non secular and mythopoetic figures, tracing their improvement and value in Greek tradition from Homer in the course of the Hellenistic interval. Drawing upon a huge variety of literary and archaeological facts, Jennifer Larson discusses sexually strong nymphs in historic and sleek Greek folklore, using dolls representing nymphs within the socialization of women, the phenomenon of nympholepsy, the nymphs' relatives with different deities within the Greek pantheon, and the nymphs' function in mythic narratives of city-founding and colonization. The ebook encompasses a survey of the facts for myths and cults of the nymphs prepared via countryside, and a distinct part of the worship of nymphs in caves during the Greek global.

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Ibyc. fr. 1–4) In the spring flourish Kydonian quince trees watered from flowing rivers where [stands] the inviolate garden of the Maidens . . The Spartan poet Alcman described yet another such sacred spot, inhabited by minor goddesses called Leukotheai: Leukoqea'n ejrato;n tevmeno" ejk Trugea'n ajniwvn, e[con de; sivda" duvw glukhva". tai; d j o{te dh; potamw'i kallirrovwi ajravsant j ejrato;n televsai gavmon kai; ta; paqh'n a} gunaixi; kai; ajndrav[si fivlt]ata kwridiva" t j eujna'" [tu]ch'n (Alcm.

Thus Oedipus is imagined to be the offspring of a nymph and one of the gods with whom they consort. These idylls with gods of a pastoral or rustic character seem to belong to the lore of the humble, while myths of a nymph’s union with Zeus or Poseidon to produce a city founder or heroic ancestor (as in Pindar) are products of the urban elites. 90 In Greek myths, both nymphs and mortal women are said to expose their infants, though their motivations seem to be different. For a heroine, the motive is shame at an illegitimate birth or actual persecution (usually by her father or other relatives).

They engage in one of their favorite activities, dancing, and they have “couches” or “beds,” probably in a cave. The habitations of the nymphs were often imagined to contain furniture of a sort, perhaps suggested by the natural rock formations found in caves. Hwv", nh'a me;n wJrmivsamen, koi'lon spevo" eijseruvsante": e[nqa d j e[san numfevwn kaloi; coroi; hjde; qovwkoi. (Hom. Od. 316–18) As soon as early-born, rosy-fingered Dawn appeared, we dragged up our ship and drew her into a hollow cave, and there were the lovely dancing floors and seats of the nymphs.

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