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2 3 3 - 4 . 52 Government in Sweden A b o v e all the C o m m i s s i o n finds that the present conventions lead to the demand for collective consideration within the g o v e r n m e n t being pitched 61 too l o w . The general impression created by this passage is reinforced by a recommendation that the Cabinet should be formally recognized as the place where all the major decisions of government are taken, and that its position in this respect should be strengthened by the enumeration in a special legal document of categories of government business not to be decided by individual ministers.

Thus the Minister for Foreign Affairs, for example, has direct responsibility for Swedish embassies and consulates abroad, and the Minister of Justice is in charge of the enforcement of sections of the Freedom of the Press Act, which is one of the basic laws. Ministers also have authority, by virtue of their o f f i c e , to see to the general running of their departments : they can thus decide on the details of the division of work within the department, for example. But otherwise they bear no direct official responsibility for administration.

28 Government in Sweden the way of a partial reform as a stage towards the complete overhaul of the Constitution. It was decided that the Upper House should be swept away and that a unicameral legislature should be created having 350 seats: 310 of these seats are scheduled to be distributed between territorial constituencies on the usual pattern except that the allocation will be based on the number of electors and not, as now, on the total population figure. The remaining 40 seats are to be distributed between the parties on a national basis and according to the proportional representation principle.

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