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Taking the shape of a discussion between Socrates, Gorgias, Polus, and Callicles, the Gorgias debates an important questions about the character of presidency. whereas the aspiring baby-kisser Callicles propounds the view that would is true, and the rhetorician Gorgias argues that oratory and the ability to cajole characterize “the maximum good,” Socrates insists at the responsibility of politicians to contemplate the welfare in their citizens—a accountability he believed have been dishonored within the Athens of his time. The discussion deals interesting insights into how classical Athens was once ruled and creates a theoretical framework that has been hugely influential on next political debate. A revised variation of Walter Hamilton's individual translation, with new editorial fabric contains chronology, word list, index, and recommendations for additional analyzing

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Soc RATEs: And the non-doctor, presumably, is ignorant of what the doctor knows? GORGIAS: Obviously. SOCRATES: So when the orator is more convincing than the doctor, what happens is that an ignorant person is more convincing than the expert before an equally ignorant audience. Is this what happens? GORGIAS: This is what happens in that case, no doubt. so CRATES: And the same will be true of the orator and oratory in relation to all other arts. The orator need have no knowledge of the truth about things; it is enough for him to have discovered a knack of persuading the ignorant that he seems to know more than the experts.

Obviously in every such election they have to choose the most expert; if it is a question of building walls or equipping harbours or dockyards, it is architects whose opinion will be asked; if again it is the appointment of generals or the order of battle against an enemy or the capture of strongholds that is being debated, men of experience in war will be called on for advice, not orators. What is your opinion about this, Gorgias? You claim to be an orator yourself and capable of producing orators; so it makes sense to learn from you about your own art.

GORGIAS: Because, Socrates, whereas with the other arts the knowledge appropriate to them is almost wholly concerned with manual operations and such like, there is nothing analogous in the case of oratory, which does its work and produces its effect entirely by means of speech. That is why I assert that the art of oratory is the art of speech par excellence, and I maintain that I am right. soc RATEs: I am not sure that I understand what sort of character you mean to give to oratory, but I shall soon know more clearly.

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