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By Swami Bhakta Vishita ( Hindoo Master)

Actual Mediumship or The Invisible Powers is vintage booklet via William Walker Atkinson (December five, 1862 - November 22, 1932) who was once an legal professional, service provider, writer, and writer, in addition to an occultist and an American pioneer of latest suggestion move. This paintings discusses the character of mediumship and psychic powers and exhibits how an individual may perhaps heighten their latent colleges.

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A similar knowledge of the past, and if necessary, of future events, may be included. " The last stated definition agrees almost perfectly with the views of the writer of the present book, and the term "Clairvoyance" is used here in the particular sense indicated by such definition. The student of this book, therefore, is asked to distinguish Clairvoyance, on the one hand, from the phenomena of Telepathy or Thought Transference, and, on the other hand, from the phenomena of communication with entities on other planes of existence, including the perception of apparitions.

It was thought that these little figures were endowed with some supernatural powers or attributes, but of course this was mere superstition. The whole power of the little figures arose from the fact that they aided the imagination of the spell-worker in forming a mental image of the person sought to be influenced; and thus established a strong mental rapport condition. " The Power of Fearthought. 66 The last-named writer explains the reference to "fear and belief" in the last sentence above quoted by the following very important statements, and these we ask every student of this book to firmly impress upon his mind, for a mighty truth is therein conveyed.

Psychometry is an instance in point. It seems as though there were a sort of magnetic attachment or affinity between any particle of matter and the record which contains its history—an affinity which enables it to act as a kind of conductor between that record and the faculties of anyone who can read it. For instance, I once brought from Stonehenge a tiny fragment of stone, not larger than a pin's head, and on putting this into an envelope and handing it to a psychometrist who had no idea what it was, she at once began to describe that wonderful ruin and the desolate country surrounding it, and then went on to picture 84 vividly what were evidently scenes from its early history, showing that the infinitesimal fragment had been sufficient to put her into communication with the records connected with the spot from which it came.

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