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By Diane Morgan

Morgan discusses the foundation of the emerald, its bizarre constitution, and its unusual attract. the tale weaves throughout a number of continents and millions of years. it's a story of conquistadors, treachery, shipwrecks, and alchemy. alongside the best way, we meet scientists and kings and endure witness because the nice emeralds are born, mined, smuggled, reduce, and bought. The ebook additionally discusses the trendy paintings of creating man made emeralds. From the fastnesses of Afghanistan to the steamy jungles of Colombia and Zimbabwe, from the sands of Egypt to the sour Urals, this can be the tale of a stone whose unusual trip displays the yearnings, greed, passions, and eager for fantastic thing about the human race.

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These inclusions are absolutely unique to each individual emerald, providing a sort of a birth certificate. One of the most interesting inclusions come from emeralds found in the Colombian mines of Muzo and Coscuez, and not elsewhere. These “trapicheemeralds” contain black, carbonaceous impurities that form a six-ray star. The name “trapiche” comes from the Spanish word for the gears used in sugarcane crushing machinery, to which the Spanish fancied a resemblance. The sad history of the sugar industry in this hemisphere parallels in a queerly fitting way the history of emerald mining.

The Maxixe turns out to get its color from natural radiation, but the color was unstable, fading to almost white when exposed to sunlight and heat. The color could be restored, but not permanently, by artificial radiation. Maxixe is popular with collectors, but is of no use as gem. More of this crystal appeared on the market in 1973, but it turned out to have been artificially irradiated. Still another odd blue stone was found in the Canadian Yukon near Whitehorse in 1976 and again in 2004, by a team searching for emeralds.

Light is the most magical of all things. And it works a strange enchantment upon crystal. ” Let’s look at some of them. These include absorption, reflection, refraction, and (even) diffraction All kinds of exciting things happen inside the crystal, and what happens to light is no exception. Light has three main ways of behaving when it runs into something. It may be absorbed into the object, never to be seen again. This is what happens when light hits, say, cardboard or a basset hound. A substance that absorbs all light is called opaque.

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