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Once related in this way, the symptom disappeared completely. Anna O. was herself aware of the effectiveness of the process, and called it (in English, as she spoke only English at the time) ‘the talking cure’, or ‘chimney sweeping’. With Breuer's help, she applied it to her other symptoms, with considerable success. From November 18, 1882 (unpublished letter to Martha of November 19, 1882, quoted in J I, 248), Breuer began to mention to Freud certain details of the case history which he refrained from including in his subsequent publication of it (Studies on Hysteria, 1895d), and which were later communicated to Jones (Freud's own confidences were confirmed when Jones consulted the letters, some of which remained unpublished, from Sigmund to Martha, who was an old friend of Bertha Pappenheim): just as Anna O.

In about 1880, when working with Brücke, Freud began to smoke cigarettes. In 1884–85, his research into cocaine led him to experience its stimulating and moodelevating effects, and he began to take the drug fairly regularly. This he ceased to do as soon as various cases of cocaine addiction came to his attention. It was then only by smoking a large number of cigars a day that Freud was able to counterbalance, in large part, his neurotic symptomatology, which was of a psychosomatic nature. It would seem that from then on, apart from an allusion to drug addiction as a substitute for masturbation, in a letter to Fliess of December 22, 1897,1 and his theory of an erotogenic fixation in the labial region among drinkers and smokers in his Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality,2 he took no further interest, in a scientific sense, in this form of psychopathology.

The prodigal son discovered on his return home that, far from being fêted by his colleagues as he had expected, he was assailed by the criticism with which society brands those who are too far ahead of their time or have worked too unfamiliar a seam – poètes maudits, original thinkers, scientists who overthrow accepted ideas. Freud then adopted an attitude of haughty isolation, except for a single friend – first Breuer, then Flies – to whom he confided the full force of the secret fire that continued to consume him; he imposed a new asceticism on himself with the aim of braving all opposition and making a discovery that would burst like a bombshell on a shamefaced and shocked society: that was precisely what could be expected of a romantic hero.

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