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By William S. Penn

The famous Nez Perce fiction author and critic W. S. Penn turns his wry and penetrating gaze at the nation of recent local existence and literature and considers how glossy scholarship has affected the methods Natives and others see themselves and their international. the result's a uniquely frank, witty, and unsettling critique of latest conception and its skill to come back to phrases with the genuine lives and literatures of Natives in North America.
Key to this critique is the troubling factor of what adequately constitutes a conventional "Indian" id and an "Indian" literature inside local groups and within the academy. In confronting this factor, Penn exposes a few of the sillier makes use of of the intense language of range in addition to the impression of identification politics on local professors. And but, Penn argues, the storytelling traditions so significant to local groups stay greatly alive this day, hidden within the corners of the literary canon.

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