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Usually labelled 'rituals' or 'customs', male circumcision and feminine excision also are irreversible amputations of human genitalia, with disastrous and every now and then life-long outcomes for either men and women. although, students and activists alike were diffident approximately creating a case for symmetry among those practices. anxious Symmetries investigates the sociological, scientific, criminal, and spiritual justifications for male circumcision and feminine excision whereas it issues to varied symmetries and asymmetries of their discursive illustration in cultural anthropology, legislation, medication, and literature. specialists were convened within the above fields - SAMI ALDEEB ABU-SAHLIEH, DOMINIQUE ARNAUD, LAURENCE COX, ROBERT DARBY, ANNE-MARIE DAUPHIN-TINTURIER, TOBE LEVIN, MICHAEL SINGLETON, J. STEVEN SVOBODA - besides first-person stories from J.K. BRAYTON, SAFAA FATHY, KOFFI KWAHULE?, and ALEX WANJALA. the quantity covers a variety of genres similar to sacred writings, literary and philosophical texts, web pages, songs, experiential vignettes, cartoons, and movie in addition to an enormous geographical spectrum - from Algeria, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Kenya, and Somalia to the then Congo and modern Northern Zambia; from Syria to Australia and the USA. In addressing many versions of excision and circumcision in addition to different practices corresponding to the elongation of the labia, and numerous different types of circumcision in Jewish, Islamic, and African contexts, anxious Symmetries presents an unparalleled, panoptical view of either practices.

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10 According to Muslims, circumcision is preferably to be performed at an early age – at the latest, before puberty. Blood will not be drawn from a circumcised man who converts to Islam. 11 Circumcision among Jews is accompanied by a religious ritual. It is the father‘s duty, but he often delegates the task to a specialized cleric, a mohel, who can be a rabbi or, rarely, a physician. 12 6 Tribune de Genève, 14 April 1997. Jacob Neusner, tr. Talmud of the Land of Israel (Chicago & London: U of Chicago P , 1991): 459 (Shabbat 19:2, vol.

The scholar sent him a list of stipulations, placing circumcision as a top priority. 69 We have, however, found five modern Muslim thinkers who dispute the practice of male circumcision. First, in 1971 the Egyptian thinker Issam-alDine Hafni Nassif translated the work of Joseph Lewis, In the Name of Humanity (1956), with the subtitle Circumcision Is a Harmful Jewish Mistake (1971). In a foreword, which is longer than the text itself, Nassif asks that an 63 Ibn-Hanbal, Al-Musnad Ahmad Ibn-Hanbal (np, nd), vol.

60 – Recent Debate on Male Circumcision Male circumcision does not seem to have always been practised by Muslims. Classical texts are not unanimous regarding the circumcision of Mohammed. 61 Having learned of the death of old men who had been ordered by a governor to be circumcised after their conversion, Hassan Al-Basri, a companion of Mohammed’s, was indignant. 62 Ibn-Hanbal recounts in his Al-musnad compilation that Uthman Ibn Abi-alAs was invited to a circumcision but declined the invitation.

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