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Baron Louis Marc Gaudin Louis, Comte Corvetto Joseph Dominique, Baron Louis Antoine, Comte Roy Joseph, Due de VilleJe (continued HEADS OF STATE AND KEY MINISTERS FRANCE (continued) Date of taking office Prime Minister 28 Dec 22 6 June 24 Oct 24 4 Jan 28 Jean Baptiste, Vicomte de Martignac 24 Apr 29 8 Aug 29 Jules, Prince de Polignac 19 May 30 Foreign Minister Finance Minister Franc;ois, Vicomte de Chateaubriand Joseph, Due de Villele Ange, Baron de Damas Pierre Louis, Comte Antoine, Comte de Ia Ferronays Roy Joseph, Comte Portalis Jules, Prince de Polignac 29 July 30 Victor-LouisVicturnien, Due de Mortemart (appointed by Charles X) Marie, Marquis de Louis Bignon Lafayette (appointed by the provisional revolutionary government) 13 Aug 30 Victor, Due de Jean Baptiste, Broglie Comte Jourdan Sep 30 Louis Matthieu, Comte Mole 3 Nov 30 Jacques Lafitte Nicolas, Marquis de Maison Dec 30 Franc;ois, Comte Sebastiani 43 Andre, Comte Chabrol Guillaume Baron, Comte de Montbel Joseph Dominique, Baron Louis Jacques Lafitte (continued EUROPEAN POLITICAL FACTS 1789-1848 FRANCE (continued) Date of taking office Prime Minister 13 Mar 31 Casimir Perier (died 16 May 32, replaced by M.

RUSSIA Catherine II became Tsarina on the deposition of her husband Peter III 9 July 62 Paul I, m. Sophia Dorothea of Wiirttemberg, succeeded his mother 17 Nov 96 Alexander I, m. Elizabeth of Baden, succeeded his father 3 Mar 01 Nicholas I, m. Charlotte of Prussia, succeeded his father after his elder brother Constantine had renounced the succession 7 Dec 25 SPAIN Charles IV, m. Maria Louisa, succeeded his father abdicated Ferdinand Vii, m. Maria Christina, succeeded his father abdicated Joseph Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon, created King Ferdinand VII restored Isabella II, m.

Mathilde of Bavaria, succeeded his father 16 June 48 9. Holstein and Lauenberg Ruled by the Sovereign of Denmark until 1863. 10. Brunswick Charles William Ferdinand, m. Augusta of England, Duke Frederick William, Duke Charles William Ferdinand was mortally wounded at the battle of Auerstadt in Oct 06 and was, as part of the resulting Napoleonic victory, deposed. Frederick William succeeded his father in name only, m. Caroline of Nassau-Saarbrucken. Killed at Quatre Bras, 1815. Charles, succeeded his father, Duke fled after rioting declared unfit to govern William I, head of provisional government succeeded his brother 1780 1806 16 June 15 8 Sep 30 2 Dec 30 2 Dec 30 25 Apr 31 11.

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