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Cost of second-hand assets, indicated in item 2, provided that: • the price of the second-hand assets may not exceed the market value thereof, established as at the date of purchase, and is lower than the price of similar new assets, • the seller submits a statement specifying the seller of the material assets, as well as the place and date of purchase thereof, • in the period of 7 years preceding the date of purchase of the assets for the purposes of the project, these second-hand assets were not purchased with the use of any public funds; 4.

G. g. know-how, experienced staff, or technical infrastructure), the applicant holds the licences and permits required to implement the investment project (if applicable), the applicant ensures sustainability of project results for a minimum period of 5 years or, in the case of SMEs, 3 years following project completion, the product and result indicators are objectively verifiable, reflect the project’s goals and are adequate to the particular type of a project, the project has at least a neutral impact on the EU horizontal policies listed in Articles 16 and 17 of Council Regulation (EC) No.

What can be financed? 1. purchase price of immaterial assets such as patents, licences or unpatented technical knowledge, in particular software necessary for the implementation of an electronic business solution of the business-to-business type, provided that these assets meet all the conditions below: • they will be used solely for the purposes of the project provided with support, • they will be amortized in accordance with separate regulations, and • they will be acquired from third parties on market terms; 2.

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