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By Karl-Erik L. Eriksson, Artur Cavaco-Paulo

content material: Biotechnology within the pulp and paper : an outline / Karl-Erik L. Eriksson --
review of biomechanical and biochemical pulping learn / M. Akhtar, G.M. Scott, R.E. Swaney, and T.K. Kirk --
Biodegradation of resin acids in pulp and paper : program of microorganisms and their enzymes / Kunio Hata, Motoo Matsukura, Yuko Fujita, Kazumasa Toyota, and Hidetaka Taneda --
Freeness development of recycled fibers utilizing enzymes with refining / Lori A. Eriksson, John A. Heitmann, Jr., and Richard A. Venditti --
Enzyme purposes in traditional kraft pulping / C.J. Jacobs-Young, Richard A. Venditti, and T.W. Joyce --
Characterization of fungal cellulases for fiber amendment / Martin Schülein, M.S. Kauppinen, L. Lange, S.F. Lassen, L.N. Andersen, S. Klysner, and J.B. Nielsen --
The synergistic results of endoglucanase and xylanase in editing Douglas fir kraft pulp / Catherine D. Edgar, Shawn D. Mansfield, Georg M. Gübitz, and John N. Saddler --
Laccase catalyzed bonding of wooden fibers / Claus Felby, in step with Ole Olesen, and Tomas Tage Hansen --
Enzymatic activation of wooden fibers for wooden composite creation / A. Kharazipour, okay. Schindel, and A. Hüttermann --
Visualization of the motion of ligninolytic enzymes on high-yield pulp fibers / ok. Ruel, V. Burlat, J. Comtat, S. Moukha, J.C. Sigoillot, M. Asther, and J.P. Joseleau --
purposes of enzymes in paper deinking strategies / A.L. Moerkbak and W. Zimmermann --
Characterization of oxidoreductases, ferrireductase, and manganese peroxidase, from white-rot fungi / R. Kondo, H. Hirai, ok. Harazono, and okay. Sakai --
Isolation and expression of genes for hemicellulases from tremendous thermophilic culturable and unculturable micro organism / P.L. Bergquist, M.D. Gibbs, D.J. Saul, R.A. Reeves, D.D. Morris, and V.S.J. Te'o --
Expression and secretion of bacterial thermophilic hemicellulases in Kluyveromyces lactis / D.J. Walsh, M.D. Gibbs, and P.L. Bergquist --
Processing cloth fibers with enzymes : an summary / Artur Cavaco-Paulo --
Cotton wall constitution and enzymatic remedies / Ian R. Hardin, Yonghua Li, and Danny Akin --
Bioscouring of cotton materials with cellulase enzyme / E. Csiszár, G. Szakács, and that i. Rusznák --
Pectin-degrading enzymes for scouring cotton / M. Michelle Hartzell and You-Lo Hsieh --
The influence of cellulases at the biodegradation and morphology of evidently coloured cotton fibers / Barbara R. Evans, Ida Lee, Jonathan Woodward, and Sally V. Fox --
influence of enzyme remedy on chemically pretreated linen / K.K. Wong, X.M. Tao, C.W.M. Yuen, and K.W. Yeung --
The regulate of an enzymatic remedy on linen materials to get rid of pectic ingredients / M.-H. Dézert, P. Viallier, and D. Wattiez --
Enzymatic retting of flax / D.E. Akin, G. Henriksson, W.H. Morrison, III, and Karl-Erik L. Eriksson --
Enzymes for wool fiber amendment / E. Heine, B. Hollfelder, W. Lorenz, H. Thomas, G. Wortmann, and H. Höcker --
interplay of subtilisin-type protease with merino wool fibers / Y.M. Galante, D. Foglietti, C. Tonin, R. Innocenti, F. Ferrero, and R. Monteverdi --
views of enzymes for processing cellulose for brand new chemical fibers / H. Struszczyk and D. Ciechanska --
amendment of dissolving pulp via hydrolysis with cellulase enzymes / L. Rahkamo, M. Vehviläinen, L. Viikari, P. Nousiainen, and J. Buchert.

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This is advantageous in situations where the product is a blend of mechanical pulps and more expensive kraft pulps. The improved strength of the biomechanical pulps may allow the required strength of the blend to be achieved with a lower percentage of the kraft pulp. An economic evaluation was performed for a 600 ton/day TMP mill. The storage time was 2 weeks in a flat-pile geometry. Capital costs to incorporate biopulping technology into this paper mill are estimated to be between $5 and $7 million.

90°C or Hyperwasher, 1 Dil. , 90°C or Hyperwasher, 1 Dil. Testing Testing Figure 1. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1998. 4 wt/wt %. 70 mg protein/g pulp respectively. The first was a typical charge known to be effective for drainage improvement in some fiber types, while the second was a high charge. The pulp-enzyme mixture was mixed for 30 min. at 50°C and then treated at 90°C for 30 min. to denature the enzyme and therefore limit the time that it was active on the fibers.

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