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By Samuel N. C. Lieu

This assortment makes to be had in English for the 1st time the panegyric of Claudius Mamertinus (Panegyrici Latini XI/3), a considerable a part of the treatise of John Chrysostom on St. Babylas and opposed to Julian (de S. Babyla c. Julianum et gentiles XIV-XIX), and Emphrem Syrus’ Hymns opposed to Julian.

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Or. 41. See also idem, or. XII, 91 where a similar imagery of transformation of human beings to animals is used of the effect of Constantius' religious policy. SPEECH OF THANKS TO JULIAN 33 24 It is not then surprising, Emperor, that the citizens feel for you such a profound and true devotion. In my opinion, no one, since mankind came into existence, has inspired such warm affection in the hearts of the human race. 2. Other kings and emperors rarely aroused any degree of esteem and then never for very long.

I ask you, would not any man have seemed to you too greedy for vainglory, burning with an unworthy ambition, if he should have coveted for himself honours on a par with those simultaneously heaped by Augustus upon my head? 23 There are, they say, lands in the midst of the ocean, inhabited by the virtuous, which are called the Isles of the Blessed, because in these places 56 On this standard list of imperial virtues see Gtirtner. 1%8. 5 11 and Blockley, 1972b,443. 's career see above, Introduction, pp.

S career see above, Introduction, pp. 4-6 32 CLAUDIUS MAMERTINUS the soil brings forth crops without the use of the plough,s8 the slopes of the hills are naturally clothed in vines, the trees of their own accord are weighed down with fruit, everywhere instead of weeds, are freely-growing vegetables. 2. Are these not wretched little gifts, if you consider that a god is the author of them? For we also, without cultivating the fields with our own hands, can obtain these same goods without effort.

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