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The category with Pati, called may Yoga or union of the soul be attained in two ways. In the first, it is attained through japa, dhyana, and other Jcarmas while in the second by exercising strict ; control over kinds of the senses. molislia By Yogo, the this mentioned above could two be obtained. Vidlii or the patas is Bathing lying rules of conduct of the Pasu- the most interesting part of their religion. bodies their down on singing loudly thrice a day in ashes, making noise like ahd, aha, the praises of their god, dancing ashes, either according to the science of dancing or in 22 INTEODUCTION.

In the middle Bh^ratavarsha, the rishi Gautama had his of dhrama forest of (hermitage), Dandaka, situated in the round which, he had HINDU IGONOGBAPHY. abundant food-giving plants and raged number years' famine twelve a of risliis received with and for food After the famine abated and the country became again desired to start famous several and were shelter, kindness and treated with great all by Gautama. hospitality which a during from various other ahramas flocked Gautama to that of There once trees.

With proper svaras jnana. " Though the Avaidika Saivaism was essentially different made the beginning, attempts have been times to identify at at later Avaidikas with the Vaidikas. Srikantha-Sivacharya on tenets in who the Brahma-sutras wrote Bhashya a accordance with in Agamanta Saiva teachings exclaims, the na vayam veda-sivagamayorbJiedam pa§yam,ah vedasyapi siva- gamatvat, (we do not perceive any difference between the Vedas and the Sivagamas, Vedas are also as authoritative as the later stage, that is, Sivagamas) ; and at a about the time of Appayya- dikshita (16th century A.

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