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By Stewart Ferris, Paul Bassett

Stick to the authors on their most modern morally reprehensible journey busking round Europe. adventure the fatigue, the smells and the whole loss of appreciation of the cultural pearl, whereas they show how to not symbolize their country whilst out of the country.

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The clear blue sky over Castellane was stained by a black cloud that 49 DON’T MENTION THE WAR! hung stubbornly overhead, and its size was widening as the fire spread further across the hillside. An uninhabited, medieval tower, part of the old town walls used as a lookout for invasions of German tourists, was the first building in the path of the fire. A few yards further across the hill were the houses at the back of the town. I could hear the shouts of the firemen becoming desperate. ‘This is going to be cool,’ said Paul.

Hot Goat And Chunks Of LLard ard Paul With Stewart’s imminent date fast approaching, it occurred to Alastair and me that tonight was not going to follow the predictable course of previous evenings. That is, there would only be two of us. ’ I asked Alastair. I needn’t have bothered really: I knew the answer. I had all the musical ability of a hippo and the dexterity and swift actions of a tree sloth, something of which Alastair used to insist on reminding me on frequent occasions. The others didn’t need my input on their busking missions, indeed I may even have hindered their efforts.

What the forest fire needed now was some tomato puree and garlic, but all it got was more water when the aircraft returned. They repeated their 51 DON’T MENTION THE WAR! original crazy manoeuvres, dampening another part of the fire. It was a truly impressive spectacle, requiring as much skill from the pilots as it takes to circumnavigate safely the Paris péripherique. We speculated that they were refilling from the lake between each attack. How this was achieved without landing, crashing or stopping for a cigarette we weren’t sure, but they took less than ten minutes to reload each time.

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