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By Christine L. Williams

This e-book summarizes the nation of our wisdom at the results of fellows in women's professions - results at the males, on their perspectives of masculinity, at the occupations and at the ladies they paintings with. Do males get preferential remedy in those positions? Do they obtain greater salaries? Or are they handled almost like their girls colleagues? via a sequence of statistical and demographic analyses, in addition to case reports of guys in professions akin to instructing, secretarial paintings, care-giving and stripping, the members supply a glimpse of the position of those males in bolstering or undermining the gendered assumptions of occupational intercourse segregation within the office.

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The results show that the ratio of women's to men's pay is significantly smaller in occupations with a higher % FEMALE. 06 (6 percentage points). Since a smaller female-to-male earnings ratio within the occupation indicates a larger sex gap in pay within the occupation, this tells us that the sex gap in pay is larger within "female" than "male" occupations. However, this tendency of men to rise to the top (earnings-wise) of female occupations does not raise men's earnings enough to offset the entirety of the penalty that men suffer relative to other men for working in a female occupation rather than a comparable male occupation.

Some radical feminists believe that women's subordination is primarily the result of how sexuality, childbearing, and child rearing have been socially organized (Jaggar, 1983). Because activities in these spheres have been seen as female and deprecated, there is a clear link to cultural feminism. Cultural feminists value traditionally female characteristics, disputing the traditional deprecation of qualities viewed as feminine (Alcoff, 1988; Donovan, 1985, Chapter 2). Thus, whereas patriarchal and liberal views have elevated the spiritual or rational over the physical, emotional, or intuitive, cultural feminists argue for at least an equal valuation of the latter qualities.

Data and Methods for the Empirical Analysis The analysis will ascertain whether men who are employed in occupations in which a higher percentage of workers are women earn less than men employed in comparable occupations containing more males. For comparison, we present analogous results for women. A necessary part of operationalizing this question is determining what we mean by "comparable" jobs. We will use an approach similar to that used in policy-capturing job evaluations used in pay equity studies within a single employer.

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